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Fresh Meats

The item people most often identify with Feltons Meat & Produce is the amazing meat department. Fresh, frozen, custom cuts, and great pricing set Felton’s in a league by themselves. Just like the old neighborhood butcher of yesteryear, Felton’s always has the best beef, chicken, pork, and even fish! Can’t find the exact cut or quantity you’re looking for? We’re always happy to cut exactly what you need.


Felton’s offers our customers the very best produce at the best prices. Most of the produce is purchased from local growers. We offer every day the best in produce available plus any seasonal or ethnic produce. We buy daily from the local markets. Come in and compare price and quality against any other store. We guarantee you will enjoy the experience of shopping at Felton’s.

Fresh Produce



We carry a wide variety of milks and butters, and other dairy items, including always fresh eggs, and fresh brown eggs, too!

Frozen Foods

We have a wide assortment of frozen foods, from ice cream and other desserts, to complete quick meals, including vegetarian dinners, frozen fruit juices, vegetables, and appetizers.


Everyday our smoker is creating the tastiest meat creations you could ever want. Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, whole chickens, wings, all hot and ready to serve. Of course, we also have great cold meats sliced to your request.

Felton's Smokehouse

Felton’s offers a full line of Smoked Meats including
Smoked Ribs, Country Ribs, Smoked Butts,

Smoked Picnics and Pulled Pork.

Felton’s has available smoked whole Hogs and Turkeys.

Order ahead by 24 hours for smoked Turkeys.
Order ahead by 4 days for smoked whole Hogs.

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